The Best Things take Time

The Process

All the products are handcrafted by Nora herself. They are crafted one product at a time paying attention to the smallest details. That’s how upmost quality and customer satisfaction is ensured

To create a timeless piece takes time.
Nora creates each piece individually, ensuring you bring your personality and style into your product.

From Idea to Shape

The first ideas are sketched on classic pen and paper. When the idea is mature, it gets illustrated digitally to color-test.
Once the product is set in 2D, the next step is to make the stencil, which is done by hand.

Choice of Leather

In order to craft a high quality product, picking the right material is essential. Leather provides durability and several shaping possibilities.
All products are made exclusively with vegetable-tanned leather from local tanneries. Each hide is picked by hand.

Why veg-tanned leather?
Vegetable tanning is a traditional, more environmentally friendly method in comparison to mainstream hide tanning. Natural materials such as tree bark, roots, plants, woods and leaves are the basis for vegetable tanning. It also accentuates the natural characteristics of the leather.

Only about 10-12% of the leather worldwide is vegetable tanned because the process is more time intensive and the resulting leather maintains more of the unique characteristics of the hide.

The Crafting

Now it’s time to create your product.
Nora prides herself in making everything she sells in her workshop with two hands and a couple of tools.
The process is so manual, even the sewing machine is man-powered.

Besides the normal steps crafting a bag like cutting the leather, edge work, punching the holes, and sewing, Nora hallmarks her work to create a special accent.

Treat yourself.
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