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About Me

Passion for Design & Craftmanship

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Nora Döring

The Designer

Nora grew up in a creative and artisanal surroundings in the middle of Germany, all promoted by her parents from an early age.

She attended Pforzheim School of Design for a Fashion Design degree, but after 2,5 years of working with fabrics, she decided to explore accessory design, where she immediately fell in love with the discipline.
She learned the craftsmanship behind bags and shoes, and in 2019 she was awarded with the HDSL Junior Design Award for a shoe collection.

After graduation, she relocated to Austria, next to Lake Constance, to work as a Designer in the premium loungewear and lingerie industry.

Soon she recognised the need for that missing part, the craft with leather, and a lucky strike provided for a space in a creative workshop, where she had the chance to bring her ideas to life. Since then, she creates beautiful handmade leather goods with a very personal touch, which led to what today is Nora Döring Design.

Enjoy the understated luxury of hand-made leather goods