Some things are better hand-made

Design meets quality
and craftmanship

What makes a product really valuable?

High quality.
Aesthetic design.

The focus lies on creating functional products, that look good on you and are built for a lifetime.
Each customer has the chance of a personal experience co-creating a bespoke product before it is handcrafted by Nora in her workshop.

Soul Pieces

Made for a Lifetime

All the products are made with two things in mind: lifelong joy and the quality to last. That’s why they are made of materials that stand the test of time and get better with age.

bespoke products

For a perfect fit in your (life)style

Step into the world of personalized luxury with our handcrafted bespoke leather goods.

In the process takes time to understand your taste and create something especially made for you.

Each product is tailored to match your unique style and lifestyle, as we carefully select colors, materials, and fit for a perfect match.
Crafted by hand, the attention to detail showcases true craftsmanship.

Discover the joy of owning a handcrafted masterpiece that speaks uniquely to you.

Looking for the right companion to your free spirit?

Enjoy the understated luxury of artisanal hand-made leather goods.